Are you directly partnered with FIDE?

Yes! Please see this press release for further details.

Why did FIDE choose Everscale blockchain instead of, for example, a project on Ethereum?

Ethereum based applications are known for high-transaction fees and complex user processes. Everscale has all the features of other similar platforms, but also offers multiple user-friendly interfaces and a host of technical capabilities which make it perfect for the requirements of a platform such as ours.

Where do the NFTs live?

A: All items live on the Everscale blockchain. NFT address is in URL, example:

You can also find a link to NFT in blockchain explorer in the item description.

What methods of payment are accepted?

You can guy your NFTs with crypto (ETH or EVER) as well as with cards (Mastercard, Visa), but you will need to have a noncustodial Ever wallet:

  • to put Collectibles on sale;
  • to buy Collectibles on the secondary market;
  • and to participate in auctions on the platform, they will be Ever-based.

For card payments, please check if your country is blacklisted.

Black list of ChessNFT card payments:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Burundi
  4. Crimea
  5. Cuba
  6. China
  7. Eritrea
  8. Iran
  9. Iraq
  10. Libya
  11. Morocco
  12. Myanmar (Burma)
  13. North Korea
  14. Somalia
  15. South Sudan
  16. Sudan
  17. Syria
  18. Venezuela
  19. Yemen
  20. Zimba

How can I buy EVER?

You can read more information here or check below on where you can get EVER tokens as well as their respective pair information

Centralized exchanges:

DeFi platforms

For more advanced users, an innovative range of DeFi products are available:

Bots in Telegram

Those who prefer Telegram based bots can choose:


Or, you can use any of the following web providers to buy and store EVER (formerly TONs)

What about a Roadmap?

The first and most pressing items on our list are obtaining exciting moments from the FIDE World Championship FIDE has a dedicated content team on the ground in Dubai to capture exclusive content just for ChessNFT fans!

We will produce moments NSTs straight on the championship, they will be manually selected by the grandmasters during the match after a championship: fan tokens, gamification, and other activities together with FIDE.

How many pieces are in the first collection?

The FIDE World Championship 2021 NFTs have a limited supply of 9,000 digitally verifiable chess tokens and is segmented by 8400 Common, 480 Rare, and 120 Unique collector pieces

How do I see my NFTs in Surf?

First make sure you have your Surf wallet installed on your mobile or run in a browser.

What benefits will early collectors get?

We are planning a host of exclusive drops, mints, collectibles, and holder-only events such as AMA sessions and more. If you have more ideas, we’d love to hear them! We are a growing community.

Is there a walkthrough/guide to using the platform?

We are in the process of creating comprehensive user guides and video tutorials, although there is a rough guide here. Stay tuned!

Where can I learn more?

Join the Discord, meet the team, and get involved! With access to exclusive drops, events, and more, it’s the best way to get all the details!

Who is the team behind


Joanne Eberhard
VP of Communications — TON Labs

Community management:

Benjamin Bateman
Founder of NMTSC podcast, and a Community leader at Everscale

Technical co-leader, senior engineer:

Fabrice Le Fessant
Founder and CEO, Origin Labs

FIDE relationship manager, support leader:

Ron Millow
Co-Founder, Stakeholder & Community Lead —Cryptonumiz

Project Leader:

Ivan Karpuhin
CEO GrandBazar